Rocks and Minerals for sale


*Actinolit esmoky and microcline

Minerals Available

     var. Grape Agate

Var. Aquamarine
Var. Emerald

Quartz and Tourmaline Plate
Actinolite and Smoky Quartz
Apatite and Aquamarine
Apatite and Tourmaline var. Schorl
Garnet and tourmaline var. Schorl
Quartz, Tourmaline, and Aquamarine


Var. Spessartine
Var. Almandine

Blue Cap (Indocolite)
Green Cap (Elbite)

Palomo Mine Minerals:
Realgar/Orpiment on Quartz
Pyrite, Galena, Realgar and/or orpiment

     var. Smoky Quartz
     var. Amethyst

Included Quartz:
     Rutilated Quartz
     Epidote included Quartz
     Tourmaline Included quartz
     Petroleum quartz
     Chlorite Quartz

I take videos instead of photos of the pieces because it is easier to tell the quality, size and imperfections of every specimen in a video. If you would like photos of any piece I am happy to provide them.

All minerals and crystals have either been mined by myself or purchased from miners from all around the world. I have a passion for rocks and minerals and a B.S. in geology. Everything is priced as fairly as possible and we are always open to make a fair deal.

We update these pages as we get new pieces added to inventory. Not every piece in our store is listed so please don’t hesitate to ask if we have something specific.

I can always email my fellow miners if you are looking for something specifically not listed. Please email me at for any specific information requests or questions.